Why Repair Your Double Glazing

If your home is struggling to retain heat with windows misting up frequently, get in touch and we can repair your windows and doors. Here are some reasons why you should choose to repair your double glazing over replacing the entire unit.

Improve your uPVC windows

If your uPVC windows have any cracks, bumps or have been damaged,  our team provide a wide range of double glazing repairs. Their double glazing repair service includes fixing draughty windows, mending dents and improving the performance of glazed roofs.

Repair or replace locks

If your window or door lock is broken or damaged then our team of experienced installers can either repair the hardware or replace the locks with durable, high security replacement locks.

Replacement Double Glazed Units

Many people think that when double glazing starts to fail, you need to get them replaced. Frequently, an experienced team like Warwick Window Repairs can fix and replace hardware and glazing. This is the most cost efficient, eco friendly and will cause less disruption to your day to day life.

Reduce double glazing condensation

Double glazing condensation can appear in many forms: on the external face, on the inner surface of the double glazed unit or on the internal face. It’s a common problem that can cost you money on your heating bills, make your home less comfortable and could become a health risk if mould appears.

Help misted windows

Your installer will be able to restore your misted window. If you have misted windows you can either repair them or replace the whole unit. Our experts can easily restore your windows back to their original performance. This is a more affordable option than buying new double glazing.

Use our online quoting engine to get a price on our double glazing, bespoke glazing and hardware repair service.

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