Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Does your home get cold in winter? Do you live in a busy part of your town or city, so annoyed by external noise? Are you worried about your energy bills constantly going up in price? Is your home subject to dampness? If the answer to these questions is yes, then we’ve got good news for you: all of these problems can be overcome by secondary glazing.

Forget old-fashioned glazing; it’s time you treated your home and yourself to our secondary glazing. Here’s a quick list of some of the benefits that secondary glazing can bring to your home.

Thermal insulation

Probably the most well-known benefit of modern secondary glazing is thermal insulation. When it comes to energy efficiency, secondary glazing can improve performance by more than 60%. That can take a huge 10-15% off your energy bills!
So, how does it work? With a sealed secondary panel, you create a gap between your home and the outside world that is 100% airtight. The bigger the gap, the better the insulation. If you’d like to improve your thermal insulation even further, when choosing your glass, go for Low E glazing. This invisible coating is proven to increase the insulation performance of the glass by 65%.

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Modern secondary glazing doesn’t just keep the warm in, it also keeps outside noise out. If your neighbours are noisy, it can affect everything from your sleep to your work output.
Installing secondary glazing places an additional barrier between your home and unwanted outside noise. You can maximise these effects by increasing the gap, as well as choosing a specialist acoustic glass.

Security and safety

Keeping your home secure is a priority for any homeowner, but flimsy single-glazed windows often won’t do the job. As they’re easy to break, this makes them a point of weakness for most properties.
Modern secondary glazing adds a secondary protective layer to your window, making it harder for intruders to gain access.

Reduces condensation

Nobody likes the sight of mould and condensation – nor the effects on their lungs. Unfortunately, thin single-glazed windows often have a cold interior surface, and this can draw in moisture, allowing condensation to form.
That’s where our modern secondary glazing can help. By providing an insulating seal between the panels of glass, the interior glass can be prevented from becoming too cold. This helps to eliminate the cause of condensation at its root.

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Retaining character

If you live in a period property, chances are you probably don’t want to change its style. The traditional windows of your home are likely to be part of its charm, so getting rid of them would downgrade the look and feel of the property.
But what if you’re feeling cold in winter because of drafts through traditional single-glazed windows? Modern secondary glazing provides the perfect solution, as you can keep your original windows and gain the thermal and acoustic benefits of a secondary pane of glass.

Extra benefits for you

Aside from benefiting your home, there are plenty of additional advantages to modern secondary glazing to consider…

Cuts down your bills

As it keeps your home toasty through the winter months, you’ll be improving your energy efficiency. That means cutting a huge chunk out of your bills each month. Plus, the insulating benefits of modern secondary glazing are equally successful at keeping homes cool. So, you’ll find that when summer comes around, you won’t be rushing to the aircon all the time.

Meets listed building requirements

For many listed properties, you won’t be able to install double glazing. But that doesn’t have to mean struggling through the cold in winter months. One of the major benefits of modern secondary glazing is that it’s very subtle and doesn’t require the removal of original windows.
Although it’s always important to check with your local planning department first, secondary glazing can often be a suitable alternative for listed buildings.

Easy to install

No matter how much you need that extra insulation, the thought of installing it can be off-putting. So, you’ll be pleased to know that modern secondary glazing is incredibly easy to install.

Kind to the environment

Worried about your carbon footprint? You don’t have to be with modern secondary glazing. Installing new uPVC windows contributes to manufacturing processes that can impact the environment through the release of chemicals. Disposing of old windows can also add to landfills.
On the other hand, secondary glazing simply adds an extra pane of glass to your current windows, so there’s no need to dispose of anything.

An improvement over other forms of glazing

If you’ve tried double glazing before and didn’t notice much of a difference – or hated the disruption of the installation – you might have written off secondary glazing too. For one thing, you won’t have the added costs of removing the original windows, nor the unsightly aesthetics. Secondary glazing is also more effective at draught reduction and soundproofing.

Looking for secondary glazing?

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